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Available Downloads January 26, 2007

The versions listed below are DEVELOPMENT releases and, as such, may be prone to crashes and bizare behavior. Dispite nature of these builds, most of the major functions of the plugin should function with a few notable exceptions. Included within each zip file is a list of known bugs at the time of release as well as a changelog that accompanied that release.

  • Current Version - v0.5.0 Build 160
    (Source available here, Prerequisite Libraries here)
    Major changes with this release:
    • Corrected problems with Trillian OTR blocking / commands.
    • Added enhanced update check functionality.

    • Corrected one known crash bug when unloading the plugin while windows were open. (Carried over from Build 152)
    • Added Sametime as a medium Trillian OTR will operate on. (Carried over from Build 152)

  • Prior Releases

Please note! For those seeking the source files to build/test with, the plugin was developed under Visual Studio .Net 2003 and is provided with all of the project files to make it work. Additionally, in order to make the system run much faster than the stock gcrypt library runs under Windows, I did make a modification or two to the libgcrypt prerequisite. The modified source is available here. All attempts have been made to provide the sources as is, including the Project files used to build them. Use of the official gcrypt library DOES work, but is painfully slow when initializing the memory pool.

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