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Welcome to Trillian OTR November 12, 2011

NOTE: Trillian Off-the-Record has been picked up by another party willing to bring it forward into the current versions of Trillian. This project can befound on Sourceforge at For the time being, this page will remain here to serve as notice for the project's new home.

Trillian Off-the-Record is a cross-platform encryption plugin. Unlike SecureIM, this style of encryption allows both authentication that the source of the messages is a known individual as well as plausable deniability. Messages sent during an encrypted session are secure, but messages can easily be forged after the fact, preventing them from being easily attributable to any one person.

Currently, the available plugin should be considered a DEVELOPMENT release. This means that, while it will work and provide most of the functionality intended, the plugin may be prone to crashes and bizare behavior. Dispite that, most major features are present in the latest build

In a deviation from the mentality behind the Gaim OTR implimentation, this plugin operates on an inclusive basis, clearing specific mediums as capable of handling the encryption protocol. As of Build 160, the list of mediums includes the following:

  • ICQ
  • AOL Instant Messenger
  • MSN Instant Messenger
  • Yahoo! Instant Messenger
  • Jabber
  • Rendezvous
  • Sametime (as of v0.5.0 Build 152)

Due to a slight bit of stagnation on my part, and an intent to do so (though possibly not so soon after it's inception), I have placed the source files under the GPL v2 and made them available via the downloads page. If there are any enhancements made, I would certainly love to roll them into the official sources. Just let me know! Thanks!

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